Air Pollution Control Solutions

Pulp and Paper

For 45 years AirPol has provided custom-designed solutions for the pulp and paper industry. Every type of scrubber AirPol designs has been installed in mills throughout North America. This extensive experience gives AirPol a unique advantage over competitors.

Mining and Specialty Metals Recovery

Gold mines and other precious metals recovery processes utilize high-energy venturi scrubbing to capture precious metal particulates, which are valuable products in the recovery process.
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Acid Gas Control

Acid gas control
Acid gases, such as sulfur oxides SOx , hydrogen chloride HCl, and hydrogen fluoride HF, are removed from dirty airstreams by absorption into an alkali liquid.

Gasification and Syngas Scrubbing

Energy from waste gasifier
Venturi scrubbers remove the particulates, tars and sulfur compounds generated from the gasification process to create an optimized and clean-burning syngas.
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Chemical and Specialty Processes

Venturi and separator for specialty processes
Robust air pollution control systems are required in the aggressive manufacturing processes of chemical manufacturing and incineration processes. Wet pollution control technologies are ideal for these tough environments.

Industrial Boilers

Scrubber installation for industrial boilers
Wet electrostatic precipitators (WESPs) help smaller industrial boilers comply with the recently published Industrial Boiler MACT Standard. The high capital costs and downtime required for full system replacement are eliminated when WESPs are used as a polishing step or retrofitted into existing system components.
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WESP technology represents Best Available Control Technology (BACT) for removal of fine fibers and organic mists, and the small footprint is helpful in retrofit installations.
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Controlling acid gas lowers respirable particulate emissions  
New EPA rules require control of fine particulate matter and some acid mists. Modern controls remove multiple types of pollutants in a single stage. MACT standards are set by EPA to control hazardous air pollutants from specific industry sources and require the most advanced and most robust equipment for effective pollutant control.
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