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Pulp and Paper Industry

AirPol Has a Distinct Technology Advantage in Pulp and Paper Industry
AirPol’s vast amount of experience in creating custom solutions for the process in front of air pollution control (APC) systems gives us a decided edge in designing the appropriate APC system.
In industries where water treatment infrastructure is existing, like pulp and paper, wet pollution controls grab fine particles and mist from the airstream in:
  • boilers
  • lime sludge kilns
  • dissolving tank vents
  • slakers
  • lime handling
  • TRS incinerators
  • bleach plants
Pulp and paper industry air pollution control systems can include venturi scrubbers, cyclonic scrubbers, tray towers, and wet electrostatic precipitators (WESPs). AirPol will design the systems that provide the best particulate removal to meet new and existing EPA rules and MACT Standards.
Pulp and Paper Pollution Control Systems – Two venturi scrubbers for bark, coal, oil-fired power boilers at a pulp mill. The venturi throats are 7.5′ diameter with pneumatic cylinder operated double dampers. The left is the cyclonic separator; the right is the boiler venturi.
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